Andrian Fadeev is Part of the International Judging Panel at the Prestigious DANCE OPEN-2018 Award

Established in 2010, the Dance Open Award is bestowed upon the winners by highly respected members of the international ballet community, which is what gives it such a high status among professionals. The international judging panel follows one key tenet: being completely unbiased and having zero preconceptions. At the Dance Open World Stars' Gala, your past achievements or hypothetical potential do not matter. What is important is how you perform in the here and now. Andrian Fadeev, art director and manager of the Leonid Yacobson Ballet Theatre, who, upon completing his astoundingly successful career as a ballet dancer, managed to breathe a new life into a prominent ballet company with a storied past, has now joined the other distinguished members of the international judging panel, which is presided over by Hans van Manen and includes many legends of world choreography. After the gala, which will take place in mid-April, the judges will assess its participants' performance and select those eligible for the Dance Open-2018 Award.