Art Serves a Charitable Cause

On May 18, members of the Leonid Yacobson Ballet Company, together with other opera and ballet starts, will take part in a gala at the renowned Alexandrinsky Theatre. They will give up the fees for their performance to aid children and adults under the wing the Perspektivy charitable organization.

Sextet, a choreographic miniature created by the Theatre's founder, Leonid Yacobson, and set to music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, will feature the following dancers: Yana Chernoritskaya, Sofia Matyushenskaya, Olga Mikhailova, Hasan Allakhverdiev, Aydar Bikbulatov, and Vadim Smorodin.

All the money raised during the gala will be used to fund initiatives aimed at supporting people with severe developmental disabilities. By dancing at the gala, our team will make a contribution to a highly worthy cause: raising awareness of the challenges faced by such people, and setting a generous personal example to urge everyone to be more compassionate, understanding, and supportive.

We hope that they are successful in this noble endeavour.