Ballet in Focus

On December 4, a new exhibition will open at the Dom Aktera (the House of Actor), honouring the memory of Vladimir Zenzinov, a dedicated member of the Leonid Yacobson Company and a gifted photographer and ballet dancer.

The recently departed Vladimir Zenzinov, who was among the very first members of Leonid Yacobson's Choreographic Miniatures troupe, became an avid photographer back when the great Master was still with us, chronicling the daily life of the ballet company and its founder. The profound respect that Vladimir Zenzinov felt towards Leonid Yacobson, both as a person and an incredibly talented experimental choreographer, lived on in his heart throughout his whole life, inspiring him to tirelessly document the great master's choreographic creations and the titillating moments of their birth.

After retiring from ballet theatre, he continued his career as a successful artistic photographer. As keeper of the Yacobson Ballet Theatre Museum, he revived the memories of the theatre's founder before the eyes of the new generations, helping the great ballet master's heirs stay true to the creative path that Leonid Yacobson himself had followed. The exhibition's visitors will be able to see various photographs by Vladimir Zenzinov, including portraits of famous dancers and choreographers, and the candid captures of the fleeting moments of ballet creation that were the light of our dearly departed friend's life.