A Bouquet of Premières

On October 31, the Leonid Yacobson Ballet Theatre will present a whole bouquet of débuts by young dancers in The Nutcracker show at the Lensoviet Palace of Culture.

The Theatre continues to rank first by the number of younger performers introduced to its most significant shows, surpassing every other ballet company in St. Petersburg. This particular evening, the role of Prince Nutcracker will be played, for the very first time, by Egor Burba, while Alexander Bland will make his début as Drosselmeyer. Stepan Korolev will appear before the public with his very first rendition of the Jester. Act 3 will bring as many as 6 premières: Katia Raj and Konstantin Kilinchuk will test their skill in the Spanish Dance, while the Oriental Dance will get the public acquainted with Alsou Zainulina (solo) and Inna Snigur (quartet). The début bouquet will be completed by Diana Semisokha (Trepak) and Stepan Korolev (Classical Trio).

We hope that our dancers give a brilliant performance and get many new roles!