Bred Upon the Neva's Brink

While our troupe's dancers are diligently rehearsing to get themselves back into shape (which they somewhat lost due to self-isolation), we are also continuing to do our utmost to get ready for John Cranko's Onegin, a would-have-been ballet premiere that we had to postpone in the throes of the pandemic.
One of the important stages of preparing for this momentous event was a photo shoot for creating visual promotion materials. The dancers that are to play the parts of Onegin (Andrey Sorokin) and Tatyana (Alla Bocharova) posed for the camera in their stage make-up and costumes, courtesy of prominent theatre designer Jérôme Kaplan, who had pinned down the spirit of the era and the characters' personalities with his usual precision. Even when frozen in the frame, our performers managed to convey the mood and the exquisite body language of the legendary show's characters. Now it's up to the theatre's top management to go through the extensive picture gallery and select the most striking and expressive photos for further editing. The long-awaited premiere of John Cranko's ballet is tentatively scheduled for mid-July 2021, and will take place at the Alexandrinsky Theatre.