Firebird Takes Wing

The Leonid Yacobson Ballet Theatre starts the first round of rehearsals for the new season's premiere.

Our 50th season begins amid crucial rehearsals: our Theatre's management has invited Douglas Lee, a prominent British and German choreographer, to direct the new version of Firebird, a one-act ballet set to music by Igor Stravinsky. The production, which Lee has already started working on, will be part of the One-Act Ballet Recital honouring the 115th birth anniversary of our founder, the exemplary experimental choreographer Leonid Yacobson. The recital will be split in two parts. In Act 1, the audience will enjoy the restored versions of several of Leonid Yacobson's ballet masterpieces. The restoration efforts are seeing invaluable contributions from our tutors, many of whom once personally collaborated with Yacobson, as well as from the renowned set designers Tatiana Noginova, Alyona Pikalova, and Tatiana Vyushinskaya, and the lighting designer Kamil Kutyev. The second act will be dedicated to Firebird, in its original rendition that differs from Michel Fokine's cult production. The set and costumes for this part of the show are being designed by Eva Adler, a prominent artist from Germany, while Sakis Birbilis from Greece, who has more than 300 theatrical productions in his portfolio, is working on the lighting. The show will premiere on November 30 at the Alexandrinsky Theatre.