July Premières

During the first ten days of July, the Leonid Yacobson Ballet entered the main venue of Alexandrinsky Theatre with a whole bouquet of débuts. On 4 July, during the Don Quixote show, several young performers from the corps de ballet tested their mettle in all-new roles: Anastasia Krasnoschekova, Irina Koryakova and Irina Chadova débuted as the Dryads; and Victor Surkov, in the Seguidilla scene. Irina Koryakova also made her first appearance as the Bull Fighter's love interest, while Anastasia Krasnoschekova joined the Roma Dance. On 5 July, Anastasia Milyachenko played the Flower Girl for the first time, also in Don Quixote. Another show, The Swan Lake on 6 July, saw Karen Otsuka and Murad Kerimov début in the Spanish Dance. On 7 July, Elizaveta Korneyeva made a first-time appearance in a Variation in Act 3 of The Swan Lake, as did Valerie Macia Gomez de Cádiz on 8 July. On the same night, Irina Silantyeva and Nikita Ryzhov débuted in the Spanish Dance. We are delighted by the dancers' first performance and hope that they will enjoy further creative growth!