The Leonid Yacobson Ballet Theatre Joins the Theatre for Everyone Event on May 27, Saint-Petersburg City Day

On May 27, during the City Day festivities marking the 311st anniversary of Saint-Petersburg's founding, the local theatres joined the Theatre for Everyone project. During the event, every visitor received an opportunity to take part in a great variety of special programmes, including backstage tours, visits to the workshops, insights into the theatre's history, and costume exhibitions.

The Saint-Petersburg State Academic Leonid Yacobson Ballet Theatre contributed to the Theatre for Everyone initiative with an exceptionally interesting and original programme.

From 11 a.m. till 5 p.m. on May 27, the theatre's rehearsal rooms and the famous rotunda in 15 Mayakovsky street opened their doors to Saint-Petersburg's natives and guests, giving them a chance to experience the mysterious backstage world first-hand, as well as to attend free-for-all classes of classical ballet and rehearsals of the current repertoire (both classical and modern plays).

The theatre's museum, in turn, demonstrated a unique collection of memorabilia — from photos, booklets, and posters, to costumes and props — and offered a short overview of the theatre's history and the life story of the company's founder, the remarkable 20th-century choreographer Leonid Veniaminovich Yacobson.

The guests learned some fascinating facts about the unique features that set apart rehearsal rooms for classical and modern choreography, about the special flooring, and about the procedure of conducting classical ballet classes and dance rehearsals.

Each tour lasted for an hour and a half.