The October Breakthrough

During the first ten days of October, we began the second stage of preparations for a milestone premiere, which will celebrate the 115th birth anniversary of our founder, the legendary ballet master Leonid Yacobson.

The rehearsals for the new version of the Firebird one-act ballet are well under way. Formerly a danseur and currently a ballet master, Douglas Lee is still getting to know our young performers and continually learning more and more about their creative capabilities; the dancers, in turn, are excitedly mastering the unfamiliar techniques of the neoclassical style, which their new mentor has been adhering to for a long time. The producer is being aided by a highly professional assistant: the ballet master Alexander Zaitsev. Along with preparing for Firebird's premiere, we are making more and more active effort to work on the first half of the anniversary show, which will be dedicated to the revived version of Leonid Yacobson's Choreographic Miniatures. Stage designers Tatiana Noginova and Alyona Pikalova are currently busy with the sketches for new costumes and scenery.