Our Man in Bolshoi

Bolshoi, Valery Todorovsky's long-expected film about the behind-the-scenes routine of Bolshoi Theatre's ballet troupe, which was already enjoying the cult status even before being seen by the public, is finally hitting the screens. One of the roles in the movie was given to Andrey Sorokin, principal dancer of the St. Petersburg State Academic Leonid Yacobson Ballet Theatre.

While the experienced director Todorovsky confessed that he had only begun to grasp the basics of ballet when he started shooting the film, the aspiring actor Andrey Sorokin already has a long-standing reputation as a major master of ballet, despite his youth. Winner and diploma holder of multiple international contests, he has built up quite a collection of prestigious professional awards, and shines like a brilliant star in Leonid Yacobson Theatre's shows, where he plays leading roles in both classic and modern ballets. It only took Todorovsky one day to approve his casting as dancer Mitya Antsiferov. Andrey says that getting into character was not that hard: he has come across Mitya's type throughout his life. Mitya is a person without a dream, a person that simply goes with the flow. But Andrey himself is different. His first experience in the movie world will likely not be the last. And a Golden Mask ballet award is not that far removed from an Oscar nomination, or at least the Golden Eagle accolade. We just hope that a movie career will not entice Andrey away from his main profession. Congratulations on the premiere!