The Queen of Spades: the Final Stage

The rehearsals for the premiere of The Queen of Spades ballet are approaching the finishing line.

Iñaki Urlezaga (Argentina), a famous choreographer, danseur, and former principal at the Royal Ballet in London, is making another visit to St. Petersburg to complete his work on The Queen Of Spades, a new production at the Leonid Yacobson Ballet Theatre. During the previous series of rehearsals, the upcoming show's choreographer got to meet the troupe, made sure that he and the dancers were on the same page, and earned the respect and trust of the principals who are going to play the main parts. Just recently, the latter told representatives of St. Petersburg mass media how excited they were to work with this talented choreographer. From now on and until the premiere, Mr. Urlezaga will be directly involved in the rehearsal process, investing all the time and energy at his disposal into making his unique vision come to life. This week, the choreographer started fine-tuning one of the production's key scenes, where Hermann — the main character of the eponymous story by Alexander Pushkin — attempts to learn the secret of the three cards from the old Countess. We are involving the best of our troupe in this show. To recap: the premiere of The Queen of Spades, based on a story by A.S. Pushkin, set to music by P.I. Tchaikovsky, will take place at the Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theatre and will be dedicated to the great Russian poet's 220th birth anniversary.