Sleeping Beauty at Mariinsky

On November 20, the Leonid Yacobson Ballet Company will perform at the main venue of the Mariinsky Theatre, presenting last season's momentous premiere, The Sleeping Beauty, staged by the world-famous Jean-Guillaume Bart.

A show on this legendary stage will mark yet another milestone in the Yacobson Theatre's history, because only the most high-quality productions ever make it to Mariinsky's spotlight. And The Sleeping Beauty is just that: in just one season, the Theatre's first collaboration with a reputable Western ballet star managed to captivate the hearts of Russian and foreign audiences alike. During the Leonid Yacobson Company's French tour, the performance was a tremendous hit among the local theatre-goers, and even more foreign viewers are to see it throughout the next year, which has been declared Year of Marius Petipa. And of course, on November 20, the Yacobson Ballet dancers will put exceptional effort into performing within the walls of what is rightly considered the birthplace of classical Russian ballet.