Theatre's Eternal Knight

The world of ballet is in mourning. We have lost Vladimir Zenzinov, a famous dancer and photographer, member of the original Choreographic Miniatures troupe, which was established by Leonid Yacobson and became the seed from which our theatre grew.

Alumnus of the Leningrad State Choreographic Institute (currently the Vaganova Russian Ballet Academy) and student of Tatyana Vecheslova, Vladimir Sergeevich Zenzinov was invited by Yacobson to join his recently established troupe in 1970. Apart from his main profession, the dancer also developed a passion for photography and, with Yacobson's permission, began chronicling the daily life of the ballet company and its founder. The awestruck reverence that Vladimir Sergeevich felt towards Leonid Yacobson, both as a person and an incredibly talented experimental choreographer, lived on in his heart throughout his whole life, inspiring him to tirelessly document the great master's choreographic creations and the innermost secrets of their birth. After retiring from ballet theatre, Vladimir Sergeevich Zenzinov continued his career as a successful artistic photographer, turning the world into a theatre of his very own with the magic of film and lens. As the keeper of the Yacobson Ballet Theatre Museum, he spread the pure light of knowledge, reviving the memories of Leonid Yacobson before the eyes of the new generations, and helping the great ballet master's heirs stay true to the creative path that he himself had followed. Vladimir Zenzinov wrote once in his memoirs, 'For Yacobson, the spiritual imagery came before everything else, and he reflected this in motion. His choreography is always an endless and indivisible stream of life; to stop it means to die'. Today these words sound like a tragic premonition, as a summary of Vladimir Zenzinov's whole life as a ballet devotee. May he rest in peace, and may his memory live on forever.