Title Well-Deserved

The youthful troupe of the St. Petersburg State Academic Leonid Yacobson Ballet Theatre now has its very first Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation.

The outstanding achievements of Alla Bocharova, soloist at the Leonid Yacobson Ballet Theatre, in perfecting the art of ballet and promoting Russia's cultural heritage have been acknowledged with the title of Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation. Shortly after joining our team in 2012, the dancer revealed herself to be a shining star of the new creative generation. Her performances are in high demand among most diverse groups within the theatre-going community. During the past few seasons, Alla Bocharova has been showcasing her talent in a series of striking solos across our range of regular shows and premières. She has an admirable grasp of both the classical choreographic techniques and the stylistically challenging aspects of modern dance. Audiences and critics alike have fallen in love with the memorable heroines whose images she has recreated on-stage, from Juliet in Anton Pimonov's production to Aurora in Jean-Guillaume Bart's Sleeping Beauty and the charismatic Kitri in this season's premiere of Don Quixote, staged by Johan Kobborg. In 2015, the ballerina's hard work, undying inspiration, and loyalty to her creative calling were rewarded by the St. Petersburg City Council, which deemed her worthy of the Youth Award for Outstanding Achievements in Performing Arts. And today, Alla Bocharova bears the well-deserved title of Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation. We are all very proud of her, and looking forward to more incredible achievements in the future!