Title Well-Deserved

The hard work of Darya Viktorovna Pavlova, the dance tutor at the Leonid Yacobson Theatre, has been been recognized with a special title: Honoured Cultural Worker of the Russian Federation. After concluding her successful career as a ballet performer at the State Academic Mariinsky Theatre in 2015, Ms. Pavlova went on to become a tutor at the Saint Petersburg State Academic Leonid Yacobson Ballet Theatre. Known for her exceptional dance technique, she holds both individual and group rehearsal sessions, where she helps our young dancers master their complicated repertoire and get a better feel of their stage character. The dazzling charge of inspiration and perfectionism passes on from the tutor to the dancers, motivating them to work on their creative goals with as much diligence and precision as possible. By sharing her experience with the young dancers, our talented tutor preserves the best traditions of Saint Petersburg ballet. The members of the troupe, along with the rest of the theatre’s team, would like to sincerely congratulate Ms. Pavlova. We hope that all of her boldest creative aspirations come true!