The Saint Petersburg State Academic Leonid Yacobson Ballet Theatre plans to make its traditional contribution to Classics at the Palace Square, an annual large-scale gala concert in front of the Winter Palace, celebrating the city's founding anniversary. This year, it will take place on 28 May. 


On 23 May, the Leonid Yacobson Ballet Theatre will perform The Swan Lake at the historical venue of the Mariinsky Theatre. During the show, young dancer Lorenzo Lodi will make his first appearance as the evil wizard Rothbart. We are immensely proud of his talent and wish him a successful début and a wonderful stage career!


As part of its Grand Tour Programme, which spans all of Russia, the St.Petersburg State Academic Leonid Yacobson Ballet Theatre, headed by Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation...


On 26 April, the Leonid Yacobson Ballet Theatre welcomed three first-time performers during The Nutcracker show at the historical venue of the Mariinsky Theatre. The third act of this famous fantastical ballet, set to music by Pyotr Tchaikovsky and staged by Vasili Vainonen, featured Elina Bednaya's début appearance in the Oriental Dance solo. The other two dancers, Elizaveta Korneyeva and Aydar Bikbulatov, made a début in the Waltz Quartet. We are very proud of our young dancers' début and wish them even more successful new performances in the future!


Swan Lake, the eternal choreographic masterpiece, opened the spring series of Yacobson Ballet performances at the Mariisnky Theatre's historical venue on 17 April.


The Leonid Yacobson Ballet Theatre will be taking its Swan Lake production to the main stage of the Mariinsky Theatre on 17 April.


The Firebird, a Ballet Staged at the Leonid Yacobson Ballet Theatre, to be Part of the Mariinsky Theatre's Grand Anniversary Festival in Honour of Russian Genius Igor Stravinsky.


At 3 PM on 25 March, the Leonid Yacobson Ballet Theatre will rehearse for The Queen of Spades ballet at its practice hall, streaming the process for the press and guests via ZOOM.


On 20 March, we performed Leonid Yacobson's Choreographic Miniatures, a show that matters greatly to our troupe, at the Hermitage Theatre...


Olga Anatolievna Fedorchenko is a ballet critic and staff writer at Kommersant. Saint Petersburg. She has a PhD in art history and works as a senior researcher at the Russian Institute of Art History. Especially for the ballet aficionados that honour the memory of Leonid Yacobson, she has written an article on the achievements of this outstanding 20th century choreographer. We are extremely grateful to Olga Anatolievna for her keen interest and active contribution!