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What is the secret behind the public's undying interest towards Giselle? This beautiful creation from the age of Romanticism still remains a prominent part of today's global repertoire, as beloved as ever. Saint Petersburg's theatres traditionally retain Marius Petipa's version of the ballet. Come join us on this fantastical adventure at the Mariinsky Theatre on 25 September!

The Leonid Yacobson troupe is continuing its collaboration with the Mariinsky Theatre and will perform at its Primorsky Venue in Vladivostok during the Grand Tour.  On 26 and 27 November, the public will see Don Quixote: a unique and vibrant production. A roller-coaster of a plot and a cast of spitfire characters are brought to life by expressive choreography and lavish scenery.

This unique programme celebrates Leonid Yacobson, an outstanding 20th century choreographer, and features a number of his famous shows, painstakingly recreated and revived: The Wedding Cortège one-act ballet and several masterful miniatures from the Rodin and Classicism-Romanticism cycles. The programme's première was originally timed to honour the 50th anniversary of the very first concert that Yacobson staged for his troupe, presenting it with great success in June 1971.

The Nutcracker ballet has become deeply engrained in global musical culture, as a precious jewel from the treasure trove of P.I. Tchaikovsky's heritage. Year after year, thousands of people who admire this composer's genius immerse themselves in the entrancing atmosphere of dreams and faerie adventures. The public will get to enjoy the classical masterpiece once again on 10 January at the Mariinsky Theatre.