11 / 11 / 2023

Andrey Sorokin, Honoured Artist

    The Leonid Yacobson team is delighted to congratulate our principal Andrey Sorokin, winner of multiple international competitions, on his latest accomplishment: Andrey has just been awarded the title of Honoured Artist of Russia.

    He joined our troupe in 2016, and his performance credits include leading roles in both classical productions and modern shows. As a danseur, he possesses outstanding technique and an unforgettable acting talent, and radiates charm and charisma on-stage.

    In 2018, his contributions to performing arts were celebrated by the St. Petersburg City Council, which deemed him worthy of its Youth Award. And in 2019, Andrey Sorokin won St. Petersburg’s most prestigious theatre award, the Golden Soffit, for embodying the character of Herman in The Queen of Spades.

    We hope that our dancer will remain energetic and successful, mastering many interesting new roles and always getting the most favourable reactions from the public!