11 / 11 / 2022

Débuts during the Vladikavkaz Tour

The upcoming Leonid Yacobson Ballet tour to Vladikavkaz, planned for 9 to 13 November, will feature several notable débuts. On 10 November, our young ballerina Irina Chadova will perform for the first time in Swan Lake’s Pas de Trois at the Mariinsky Theatre’s Branch in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, and Savely Kabzhan will make his début in the Hungarian dance solo, partnering with Anna Bikbulatova.

The same show will introduce Lorenzo Lodi to the public as Prince Siegfried, the principal male character, on 11 November. Then, on 12 November, we will be seeing Polina Zaitseva for the first time in the Chinese Dance in The Nutcracker, while Daniele Bruno will début in the same scene on 13 November. Nuria Kartamysova will also have a first-time appearance in the Snowflake Duo on 12 November. Finally, the Waltz quartet in the 3rd act will include a première performance by Valeria Shtyryaeva, and the Oriental Dance quartet will co-star débuting ballerinas Irina Koryakova and Yulia Yavnova.

We wish everyone a happy début and hope that their performance is amazing!