02 / 12 / 2022

Yacobson Ballet Stars Perform in Astana

During the Silk Road International Festival, a large-scale gala concert, starring the best of the best on the world ballet scene, took place on 29 November in the capital of Kazakhstan at the prestigious Astana Opera. The etoiles of the Leonid Yacobson Ballet Theatre, Anastasia Milyachenko and Andrey Sorokin, also got a chance to shine before the Kazakhstani theatre-goers. Their performance received an enthusiastic response from the public and the top local media alike. In fact, KazINFORM, Kazakhstan’s leading national news agency, published an extensive interview with the ballet dancers.

‘I have never been to Kazakhstan before, and this is my first time taking part in the Silk Road festival. My partner and I are performing the pas de deux to Gioacchino Rossini’s music, choreographed by Leonid Yacobson. For me, this is an absolutely fresh, light, elegant and funny sketch, which is also filled with complex and spectacular duo numbers. The second miniature that we are playing, also by Yacobson, is called Eternal Spring. It’s part of the cycle inspired by Rodin’s sculptures. And it’s all about youth, a carefree time and an eternal spring in our souls,’ says Anastasia Milyachenko.

Her on-stage partner Andrey Sorokin further adds that Kazakhstan has always been abundant with talent, and now more than ever, this talent is receiving admiration around the globe, across all art media.

‘Me and my partner Anastasia Milyachenko brought two ballet numbers here, which differ greatly from one another. The Rossini pas de deux from the Classicism cycle is based on the classical pas and has the pas de deux structure, with an entrée, adagio, variations, and coda. This is completely unlike Eternal Spring, which is a duo with a radically different, free-flowing body language. This allows us, if not fully, then at least partially, show the audience two dramatically opposed sides of Yacobson. I think that Leonid Yacobson was an outstanding choreographer, far ahead of his time, which is why, even decades later, his choreography still has not lost relevance and remains just as interesting and sought-after. I hope that the Silk Road festival keeps on thriving! In such a challenging time around the world, when, for a number of reasons, many countries have begun to isolate themselves from one other over the recent years, I so wish for this space to always stay open, welcoming countless bright creators and master artists to exchange their experiences and ideas. I’d love to see it brim over with imagination, making your amazing festival, and our lives in general, so much richer,’ Andrey Sorokin concluded, addressing the readers and the theatre public.

We, in turn, are delighted to see our dancers perform successfully abroad!

Yacobson Ballet Stars Perform in Astana