Igor Nikitin

Igor Nikitin


Born in Leningrad.

In 1982, enrolled at the Vaganova Leningrad Academic Choreographic School. Graduated in 1990. During the last three years of his studies, trained under Professor Boris Bergvadze, People’s Artist of Russia.

Combined his education at the Choreographic School with performing at the Leningrad S. M. State Opera and Ballet Theatre (Kirov Theatre). Appeared in The Nutcracker, The Sleeping Beauty, Don Quixote, and other shows. Did the solo in the Basque Dance from Flames of Paris for his graduation.

Immediately upon graduating, was accepted into Kirov Theatre (now known as Mariinsky Theatre, starting from 1992) by its art director, Oleg Mikhailovich Vinogradov.

Over his years at Mariinsky, his most memorable performances included:
The Swan Lake (Spanish Dance, Hungarian Dance, Mazurka) – choreography by Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov, edited by Konstantin Sergeev;
Le Corsaire (Birbanto, Forban) – Pyotr Gusev’s production, based on composition and choreography by Marius Petipa;
Raymonda (Panaderos) – choreography by Marius Petipa, edited by Yury Grigorovich;
The Fountain of Bakhchisarai (Young Men’s Dance, Krakowiak) – choreography by R. Zakharov;
The Nutcracker (Cardinal Rattelieu) – choreography by Konstantin Simonov, production by Mikhail Shemyakin;
Cinderella (Barber) – choreography and production by Aleksey Ratmansky;
Shurale (Matchmaker) – choreography and production by Leonid Yacobson;
Spartacus (Warrior) – choreography and production by Leonid Yacobson;
La Bayadère (Toloragwa) – choreography by Marius Petipa, edited by V. Ponomaryov and V. Chabukiani;
Don Quixote (Roma Dance) – choreography by Aleksandr Gorsky, inspired by Marius Petipa;
Romeo and Juliet (Tybalt’s Friend, Folk Dance) – choreography and production by Leonid Lavrovsky;
The Legend of Love (Officer) — choreography and production by Yury Grigorovich.

During his time at the theatre, toured extensively across Russia and beyond, and made regular contributions to international festivals like Stars of the White Nights, Mariinsky, and others.

In 2008, added teaching to his pursuits as a danseur.

Was invited by Farukh Ruzimatov, head of the ballet troupe at Mariinsky Theatre, to train the dancers. Collaborated with Ruzimatov to edit Le Corsaire’s choreography in 2009.

Retired from dancing in 2011. In 2012, was welcomed as a tutor to St. Petersburg State Leonid Yacobson Academic Ballet Theatre by the company’s art director, Andrian Fadeev. Currently trains corps de ballet performers and soloists, teaching them classical ballet parts and roles that require character acting.