22 / 02 / 2023

Armenian Tour

Leonid Yacobson Ballet Theatre will be touring in Armenia on 3 and 4 March. We will perform Don Quixote twice at the National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre in Yerevan.

‘This is our troupe’s first time visiting Armenia, and this tour is very important to us for a variety of reasons,’ comments Andrian Fadeev, Art Director of the Leonid Yacobson Ballet Theatre and Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation. ‘Firstly, there is the concept of grassroots diplomacy. The universal language of art has always served to strengthen cordiality between nations, and artists inevitably turn into ambassadors of peace when travelling abroad. As we introduce ourselves to the Armenian public, this will help us understand each other better, interact more freely, and become friends. In addition, we will be performing at an amazing theatre in Yerevan, and exploring new venues and meeting new audiences is incredibly important for ballet dancers, as this helps with creative development.

‘Our troupe has always had a tradition of touring extensively, and as the borders with the West are shutting down, we are gaining a chance to discover all-new destinations, both in Russia and abroad. It is always a delight to perform in places where we are welcomed and our art is appreciated. On top of it all, tours allow performers to forget about their daily routine for a little while, gaining new experiences on the road. It’s like going to summer camp as a kid, when someone else is responsible to taking you there, feeding you, and housing you. All you have to do is dance well. We have a lot of touring ahead of us, and we are very grateful to the St. Petersburg Governor’s office and Committee for Culture for their support.

‘Our tour in Armenia will feature one of our most successful shows, Don Quixote, in an original rendition by Johan Kobborg. It was nominated for the Golden Mask award seven times, and has long since turned into our theatre’s calling card. We are hoping that, during these trying times, this sunny and life-affirming production will infuse the audience with joy and kindness.’

Armenian Tour